Saturday , 19 January 2019
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The Mother… by Maxim Gorky

The Mother… by Maxim Gorky

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Welcome Readers ,

Here is another book of genre- classics ! Classics are such a kind of books that you cant stay away from them for a longer time even if they are oldies !

The Mother by Maxim gorky…Novel that touches your heart … ‘love has no bounds and no language barrier’ ,’The mother’ has shown it.

THE MOTHER – Originally written in russian language, published in 1906,and then made into a number of movies, takes you completely in that era at such a extent that you feel that you are there with the mother !

SHORT DESCRIPTION –> Mother by Maxim Gorky gives a broad and generalized picture of life in Russia on the eve of the Revolution of 1905. The narrative is based on events which took place in the town of Sormovo.

the story of the radicalization of an uneducated woman that was later taken as a model for the Socialist Realist novel, and his autobiographical masterpiece Childhood.

SOMETHING SPECIAL ABOUT IT –> ‘Mother’ is considered a turning-point in the history of Russian literature. In the words of perhaps the greatest thinker and political figure of the 20th century, Vladimir Lenin, ?It is a book of the utmost importance; many workers, who have joined the revolutionary movement impulsively, without properly revolutionary movement impulsively, without properly understanding why, will begin to comprehend after reading Mother?.

Mother has the distinction of being the only major Russian literary work written in the USA, being written when the author was in exile there in 1906. It is a tale of the purity of the revolutionary soul opposed to the infinitely corrupt and historically wrong soul of the capitalist oppressor. The Mother in the novel is a loving, old Russian mother who you cheer for when she beings to understand the fire that burns within her children, and how uniting this fire brings about a flame large enough to burn hypocrisy. It flows mostly very smoothly and is a easy read for a Russian novel.



Maxim Gorky (28 March 1868 – 18 June 1936) known as Maxim (Maksim) Gorky,was a Russian and Soviet writer, a founder of the Socialist Realism literary method and a political activist.he was Soviet novelist, playwright and essayist, who was a founder of social realism.he has shaken the community with his writing and have captured minds of millions !

READER’s ANGLE VIEW –> Another classic novel of 19th century, awesome writing,takes you through a wonderful journey that you are forced to skip your heartbeat sometimes. Initially a little bit boring but its so ‘tight’ that you will not dare to keep it away !

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