Saturday , 19 January 2019
New Reading:

Little Men-By Louisa May Alcott


After reading ‘Little Women ‘ by ‘Louisa May Alcott’ , I was very excited about its sequel i.e. Little Men : Life at plumfield.It was published in 1871,3 years after little women.But it still carries the essence of Alcott’s writing.t But this one disappointed me ... Read More »

Circle of three…by Rohit Gore


when I went to a local bookstore,one book was mistakenly fell down from the shelf.a dull but yet eye catching cover caught my eyes ( )and I came across this one -”circle of three”when I saw the name of the author(rohit gore),I remembered what I ... Read More »

My post #1


Its been long while since I haven’t posted anything here…. I am feeling bad about it ..I was not busy at all.Everything was going perfect except blogging But now, I have decided to spend some time here.( included in my”to-do” list ). I was enjoying ... Read More »

Facebook-Is it becoming our life ???


Something offbeat…!   You may be wondering why I am writing this… let me explain you this in a different way.. first of all let me tell you , what came into my mind that made me to write about ‘facebook’. yesterday, when I was ... Read More »

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