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Not without my daughter- Betty Mahmoody

Not without my daughter- Betty Mahmoody

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Before taking any book to read from my shelf, I used to ask my friends that ‘what  should I read next .before two months, I did same and most of them suggested me this one and I was stunned to see their affection towards this book.I was wondering that time that how one can be so emotional by reading  a book whose story seems to be limited to a,that’s how I took it.i

The first page itself caught my mind completely and I was totally into it.I understood that this is gonna be a different journey throughout the read.Betty Mahmoody has shown her “skill” in writing, right from the first word.

now,coming to the plot of the book,

“Not without my daughter” is the true story of one woman’s struggle to keep her child and win freedom for them both.This book completely visualizes you the IRAN of that times (1984).the story starts from a scene in British airways jetliner,Betty mahmoody and her husband,Dr sayyad Boozorg Mahmoody (‘moody’), was coming to Iran from the USA to meet moody’s family. Mahtob,their four year old daughter was also with them.Mahtob has spent her first four years of life in USA,without having any idea of Iran’s mentality and atmosphere.She was shocked rather I would say Horrified by watching the condition of women in that country.In Iran, women were like chattels and western people were despised.Betty along with mahtob,had very bad experience in Iran.They soon became desperate to return to united states.But moody, and his often vicious family,had other plans. Mahtob and betty became prisoners of a family,rather society which was full of violence and totally men following.

Instead of having no.of spy around,betty planned several attempts to escape .but all in vain.through her stay in iran,she met some people who had sympathy for her and her daughter.but, they couldn’t do anything good for her.All women of them were orthodox so,they have to follow what a man was telling them to,the man was moody.Some made plans,but she rejected ,because there was a lot of fear of losing mahtob forever.

Eventually,she met Amahl,who turned to her saviour.he planned her escape(along with mahtob) with the help of smugglers,a journey that few women or children had ever made.thus,her nightmare of approx.two years ( from 3 august 1984 to 7 february 1986 ) ended with a dreadful journey.

Thats all about the,something about the writers. this book is true experience of ‘Betty mahmoody’ ,written by herself along with ‘William Hoffer’.betty mahmoody is an american author and public speaker,best known for “not without my daughter”.  She is the President and co-founder of One World: For Children, an organization that promotes understanding between cultures and strives to offer security and protection to children of bi-cultural marriages.

I recommend this to my reader friends.Must go for this one.It will make you to reading this shivering plot and the happy end ,I must say

” everything happens for a reason,rather for a good reason”

In 1991,Brian gilbert made a movie – ‘Not without my daughter’,based on the same novel.Check out the trailor here –>

“the horrifying situation in which Betty mahmoody found herself would give any loving mother nightmares.Here is an amazing story of a woman’s courage and total devotion to her child that will have you rooting for them along every inch of their treacherous journey ” – Susan Oudot


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