Saturday , 19 January 2019
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My post #1

My post #1

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Its been long while since I haven’t posted anything here…. I am feeling bad about it :( ..I was not busy at all.Everything was going perfect except blogging :( But now, I have decided to spend some time here.( included in my”to-do” list :P ).

I was enjoying my vacations,last days of F.Y. Its been wonderful experience in COEP in last year… And me,along with my buddies going to rock S.Y. also.Its really gonna be fun enjoying bunking,taking revenge,spending full night in college….woah…..<3

In last some different kind of books.some of them are little men,Jo;s boys,not without my of three,Immortals of meluha…,etc.I am going to post my reviews on them,soon.

Meanwhile, on 10th of july, one of my bestselling writer friend,Rohit gore launched his 4th novel -”The guardian angels”.that ceremony was in crossword bookstore,SB road,pune. Unfortunately,I couldn’t go there :(.But nevermind,will meet him someday in pune for sure.:).

My another bestselling author friend , sudeep nagarkar launched video for promotion for his upcoming novel “I started with a friend request” along with promotional song -” Meri Bekarari”…Check out that video below

reason of posting this here is that I wanted to write this I thought this is going to be nice place…. my own corner :) :) <3

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Myself Pratik Chaudhari . I am an Engineering student currently studying B.Tech (S.Y.) in Mechanical Engg, From College of Engineering Pune ( COEP). I like to read and love to write about can see my book reviews here on Readersangle -

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