Saturday , 19 January 2019
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Little Men-By Louisa May Alcott

Little Men-By Louisa May Alcott

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Little Men ( Little women #2 ) : Life at Plumfield (1871)


After reading ‘Little Women ‘ by ‘Louisa May Alcott’ LW, I was very excited about its sequel i.e. Little Men : Life at plumfield.It was published in 1871,3 years after little women.But it still carries the essence of Alcott’s writing.t

But this one disappointed me a little bit.May be because I was expecting too much from the sequel as little women has raised the bar at a certain upper level.Little Men is not a page turner.It is slow in many places,gives chance to author to think about anything else which is not a good thing about a book.but,not bad too much.It’s different that it’s earlier part.but yeah,it’s not boring at will see the care,affection,love,breakup,family bonding, it.

Now,coming to plot of the book.the plot continues from the Little women.At the end of little women,Jo found prof.Bhaer as her life partner.they open a school: Plumfield,for those who want to learn other than bookish things ,who are interested in true life’s teaching. Jo March-now Jo Bhaer couldn’t be happier with her two sons and twelve orphan children.boys have a habit of getting into scrapes despite of the warm and affectionate help of the whole March family. the adventures,plenty of troubles and lessons from Bhaers’ make Plumfield , a happier place to live and learn in a different way.

I will not talk much about the author ( Louisa may Alcott),as I have written it earlier Visit Here.

If you want to know about her nature then must read these ones,as her full reflects from theses books.little men along with little women take you more closer to her.

There is a movie based on this novel of the same name.but it’s plot is quite different than that of can check out full movie here but I prefer book as it’s mind refreshing unlike the movie.

I suggest my reader friends to go through this one and experience simplicity,innocence in our childhood that we are missing these days.But, before “Little Men”, Read “Little women” fist. check out my article about Little women as above link.

Have happy reading friends and experience joy of reading ! :)

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