Saturday , 19 January 2019
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Just want to say…

Just want to say…

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It has been long time since I haven’t posted anything on my blog. I am feeling bad about it and so, writing this here on “MY CORNER”.

my corner

First of all Let me tell you, I was not at all busy in reading . My college has started .so, somewhat busy in day-to-day life.Having good time with my buddies , academics and awesome extracurricular activities in My really feels very good that you are satisfying with what are you doing all the day.

But, this is a blog for readers and about good reading material and I should stick to that, inspite of wasting time on some things doing timepass. I need to find time for reading good material and reviewing it for my own sake, for my own happiness.

meanwhile, I am glad to tell you my all reader friends  that I am  finding great interest in ‘Astronomy’ in this days.Its wonderful feeling of gazing stars ,handling telescopes or you can just say…exploring the sky. I am currently working as an active member of COEP Astronomy Club.Club run by amateur astronomers from College Of engineering Pune (COEP).

Now, about the thing about which I was thinking in this days. I was thinking of starting a new corner of ASTRONOMY in my blog. That will include News , photos and Info. about latest astronomical Activities and incidences.It will also include guiding information for amateur astronomers that what they should do and what should not.

This thought stroke my mind and I am thinking of implementing it.I will need your helping doing this.Any suggestions regarding the following things are welcome :

  • Which points should I cover in Astro. corner ?
  • Format of the astro. posts
  • will it divert readers ?
  • Any other…

If you anything in your mind you can post it in comments below or you can mail me at any one of the  following mail address :


Let me clear, this not regarding promotion of any club or any website.

So, coming back to reading, Let me tell you what I am going post next.That will be soon, I promise.I will post my review on 2nd book in shiva triology i.e. on ‘The Secret of the Nagas’ by ‘Amish Tripathi’.

So, friends , that’s how about my recent can share here on readersangle.

~ Experience joy of reading !

~ Have Happy reading ~

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Myself Pratik Chaudhari . I am an Engineering student currently studying B.Tech (S.Y.) in Mechanical Engg, From College of Engineering Pune ( COEP). I like to read and love to write about can see my book reviews here on Readersangle -

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