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Immortals of Meluha-By Amish Tripathi.

Immortals of Meluha-By Amish Tripathi.

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 Immortals of meluha (Shiva triology #1)

Immortals of meluha is the first novel in Shiva triology written by Amish. This is one of the best novel that I have ever read and the one waiting for which I was eagerly waiting. I have heard many good things about this novel. My most of the friends and relatives have recommended it to me and everytime they used to tell me about this one and by looking towards the cover page, I was like ‘oh God….again fiction with that spiritual stuff…religion and all. that’s gonna be boring.but, I am glad that my thinking was wrong.It’s thousand steps beyond spirituality. This is not related to religion.It’s related to GOD- the saviour.It’s about Shiva…

Now, jumping to plot, first of all I would like to say that Amish has succeded in producing total picture in readers’ mind while reading this novel.The Meluha is the land created by Lord Ram, which was nearly an Ideal kingdom,ruled by the suryavanshis,followers of sun.Meluhan empire is powerful and proud of everything that they are doing.Chandravanshis,followers of moon are the enemies of suryavanshis (that’s what suryavanshis think) and there is another group of people.Nagas,people who born with physical deformities.

Shiva, the leader of a Tibetian Guna Tribe,who is a fearless soldier and the one who does not fall ill on arriving at meluha.and to everyone’s suprise,his throat turns blue.It was believed by the people that after lord Ram, they will have their savior and that savior will be a man whose throat will turn blue on drinking somras,drink of the gods and shiva was the man,Shiva was the Neelkanth.On invitation of emperor Daksha,king of suryavanshis,Shiva goes to Devagiri.There,he learns about the wars and terrifying attacks by chandravanshis.Shiva declared the war against the Chandravanshis.while going this, Meluha is also attacked several times by the nagas,the ones with tremendous power and extraordinary martial arts skills.Meanwhile, Shiva fall in love the meluhan princess Sati,daughter of Daksha.thus the novel carries a bit of romance in it and Amish has handled the essence of love,very delicately.

Now,about the Author,Amish Tripathi.Amish is an Indian author,born in 1974 has written three novels and they are Immortals of Meluha (2010),Secret of the Nagas(2011) and Oath of vayuputras (2013). He is devotee of Lord Shiva and his books revolve around religious and mythological topics.his ‘Shiva triology’ is the fastest selling book series in the history of Indian of approx. 1.7 million copies have been sold,with business of approx. 40 crores.It is translated in HIndi,Marathi,Telugu,Gujarathi languages.


Director Karan Johar is going to make movie based on this novel and it is titled as Shuddhi with Hrithik Roshan as Shiva.Female lead i.e.Sati has not finalised yet.


My reader friends,while reading this mythological novel,hundreds of questions will come to your mind about Shiva’s duty,people’s strange belief,etc.That will take you in totally Different world which is adventurous and full of secrets.I just want to say,spend money and your time for this one,and you will be grateful to yourself for picking it.You will not regret, This is my word.

~ Have Happy reading and Experience Joy of reading !

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