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Facebook-Is it becoming our life ???

Facebook-Is it becoming our life ???

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Something offbeat…!


You may be wondering why I am writing this… let me explain you this in a different way..

first of all let me tell you , what came into my mind that made me to write about ‘facebook’. yesterday, when I was wandering in market, I saw a boy wearing a T-shirt with quotes- “I have more friends than you on facebook :)”… that time I wondered that  ” has he got at least 1/8 th of his ‘facebook friends’ in his real life ?”

How many of you can answer that question ??? :O

Are we giving more importance to facebook that we should not ?

Okay. Lets discuss about it.

How facebook is GOOD for us ? :)


  1. COMMUNICATION –> In 2009,facebook chat program has surpassed the one billion messages per day milestone.These figures don’t take other communication methods on Facebook — such as messages, wall posts, comments and pokes — into account, but do demonstrate the huge and growing importance of the site as a way for contacts to exchange information. this shows that facebook is very useful mode of communication.
  2. INFORMATION source–> everyday lakhs of news publish on facebook which spreads massive amount of information to innumerable people all over the world.Facebook is an important driver to online news sites.facebook notifies us about any incidence in world faster than any other media.
  3. BUSINESS–> you can increase your customers just by creating page of your company on can create ads there without spending a penny.The average Facebook user has around 130 friends. That means that if your page is ‘liked’ by one person, it will show up on the News Feed to their friends, opening you up to exposure to hundreds of people every time someone else ‘likes’ your Facebook page. It’s like virtual word-of-mouth, and it’s something every business should take advantage of.
  4. AS A COMMUNITY –> facebook can connects any no. of people at a time without any problem .you just need to have a facebook account which you can create for free. you can share your pictures,audio and video files, documents.links with any  person on facebook. It helps in ‘connecting’ people by many ways. you can have a group discussion on FB by using ‘group’ facility.


How facebook is BAD for us ? :(



  1. INHIBITS thinking –> thinking needs concentration and concentration needs uninterrupted time.but facebook notifications are unnecessarily interrupting that we can’t concentrate for longer time.thereby it is affecting our memory adversely. :(
  2. MISLEADING people–> many times ,many pages post wrong news knowingly or unknowingly. but even if it is wrong, we blindly believes it because large number of people are following that page and thus its ‘official’.Take the following event (borrowed from a Facebook friend). A bloke you knew in high school, whom you’ve not met or spoken to in real life since you left high school, has got married. He posts pictures of his wedding taken by a snazzy professional photographer. The pictures gather hundreds of likes and comments. Your friends shower your high school mate with congratulations. There are discussions about the bride’s dress, the tasty food, the fancy hotel, but absolutely no one knows that the reason they are really getting married is because the bride is pregnant with your mate’s baby. Facebook leads us to walk around with the completely wrong idea about our friends’ lives. So holiday pictures are over-liked. Stressful outbursts go unshared. A new job is immediately updated. Being fired is never made note of. Your friends might subscribe to a lot of “Causes”. In real life they do nothing about those causes.
  3. KILLING CREATIVITY –>the habit of “copy-paste” is increasing due to facebook. just think that ‘have you ever posted any thing on facebook which is created by yourself ?’ thousands of facebook pages and people are like “parasites” who are surviving in the world of facebook by doing nothing but “COPY-PASTE”.
  4. WASTING TIME–> people especially,todays youth spends hours on facebook doing nothing but chatting and playing creepy games.If you check Facebook for 15 minutes each morning, then check it again for 15 minutes during lunch and 15 minutes before you go to bed, then add five minutes here and there when you’re at work, then count distraction and refocusing time, you will lose at least half a day every week.
  5. INCREASING CRIMINAL TENDENCY–> people creates fake accounts and thereby they used to black-mail others.tagging in objectionable pictures and posts ins increasing at a high rate now-a-days.

People are becoming insecure day by day , as hackers are increasing.they used to send spams on large no.of accounts at a time in order to spoil user’s computer.and user can’t do anything about it. cyber crimes through are increasing.


I am not saying that its totally bad . I am just appealing you all to think on this !

Facebook is a wonderful that we can do many wonderful things with it. provided we are using it for good and in a good way.Don’t share any of your bank details on facebook.Block or report any suspecious person.


~ FACEBOOK is ruining our life everyday and we are unable to quit it because ut has consumed a large part in our life that we can’t imagine. Prefer to talk to your friend person to person rather than chatting for will experience such a joy that I cant express.

“DON’T let facebook become your life.but IMPROVE your life by using it as much as you can “

~ cheers :) :)

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