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Circle of three…by Rohit Gore

Circle of three…by Rohit Gore

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when I went to a local bookstore,one book was mistakenly fell down from the shelf.a dull but yet eye catching cover caught my eyes ( :P )and I came across this one -”circle of three”when I saw the name of the author(rohit gore),I remembered what I my friend has said to me that ‘Indian authors sucks in case of serious writing in English’…then by remembering that,I decided to pick this one and picked to experience so called “crap”.

now,after reading this, I felt really good to prove my friend wrong.yeah.he was wrong.rather,I would say,Indian authors can handle emotions with immense care :).

I loved the cover basically.The cover itself gives a glimpse of what lies ahead.when I searched I came to know this-‘Circle of Three’ is probably the only book of recent time that has extremely high-quality paper for jacket and is designed by one of the most popular graphic designer Alexander Koshelkov. :) yeah. The cover image is indeed intriguing, and one can easily locate it on the shelves of any bookstore. The back blurb is suitably in sync with the cover image and gives a rigorous idea of the plot. However, page quality is bit disappointing and font is too small for lowlight reading.

The name of the book tells you that the book talks of three central character who some how cross paths and influence each other’s life ahead.

What you will be surprised to find is the way the characters are so damn genuinely believable and endearing in their own ways.

Circle of three is a story about three strangers who are living in extreme conditions of their life.They came in contact with each other coincidently and that coincident drives their life to good end from a bad start.

1.First protagonist is Aryan Khosla, a thirteen-year-old lonesome kid who particularly has no one except a bench-mate, Sanjay, at school. His parents are Big-Shots of the today’s world and like many celebrity kids, he too has learned to live alone and cope with his loneliness. In order to keep his existence non-trivial, he has grown beyond his age and always has an almost invisible presence.
2.Second protagonist is Ria Marathe, a thirty-three-year-old prominent script writer, but now on a self-imposed exile after a tragic death of her husband and only some in a terrible accident. After their demise, she comes to know that her husband was cheating on him and all of a sudden she finds herself of no use and decides to die on her birthday!
3.To complete the circle, third protagonist is Rana Rathod, once-famous author who wrote twenty nine books that created history, but now, he himself became a history; long forgotten by his readers and publishers. His family abandoned him long back, and bitterness of his heart doesn’t let anyone come near him. He is tech-savvy, thanks to Vinny, a young girl from his apartment building and has twitter, facebook and MySpace connect with his own website that proclaims him as ‘Greatest Author of India’.

three lonely people , aloof from the rest of the world , who have seen their share of love taken away by people and incidents, meet and instantly recognize the need for the company in each other. Reluctantly , yet faithfully , they stand by each other , forgetting the age difference and their backgrounds.

Uncertain future and a not so happy past-present is what each must face as they re discover themselves.

This is about how the book is ! now,its time for review…

è  The most interesting about the book is the concept of “three” ( not because its my lucky number :P).three characters,their three different situations,three coincidences but the wish is only one –that they just want reason to live.just live…… living happily or so is the second thought.they have lost completely,rather life has ruined their hearts.

When dealing with three parallel stories of three persons, who fall in different age bracket and belong to different social background, it’s really hard to maintain the distinct flavor for each of them, but Mr. Gore done that with a lot ease. Description of events and behavior of characters left me in admiration for Mr. Gore’s amazing narration capabilities.he has shown that showing emotions is a skill and he has got that very well


Now,about the author, Rohit Gore grew up in a number of towns in India. At various times in his childhood, he wanted to be a theatre actor, an architect and a bookshop owner.after engineering,He  did his MBA and working in IT industry from more than 10 years.He loves sports and has travelled across many towns which has gifted him maturity and that politeness which carries him directly to the hearts of the readers.

I personally, advise my reader friends,that once go through this one and enjoy the paceful novel.its a pageturner and will take you completely in a different world.


~ experience joy of reading :)


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